In the coming days and weeks, many businesses and nonprofits now operating virtually (or not at all) will be turning their focus toward return to work protocols to ensure employee safety.

Attached are two pieces we thought you’d find useful from one of our resources, “My Benefit Advisor”.  One is a comprehensive outline with a “Four Step Essential Return to Work Plan”, the other points to benefits eligibility concerns upon returning to work.

Four Step Essential Return to Work Plan

Returning To Work In The COVID-19 Environment

Below are links to return to work themed webinars which might be helpful for you at this time:

1.      As an affiliate of Benefits Partners, an NFP owned producer group, we’re happy to invite you to NFP’s  Return to Work Webinar Series. The following Link allows you to register for webinars which begin tomorrow, May 6 and extend to Monday, May 18.

NFP’s Return to Work Webinar Series

2.       Sun Life, hosted a return to work webinar last week. It is lengthy but interesting from the standpoint of issues concerning employee safety and potential areas of employer liability:

Sun Life’s Return to Work Webinar

Two more excellent resources for Charles Newman Co. customers: 

We provide access at no cost to HR360 for all of our customers.  HR360 contains an HR compliance library, over 500 HR forms, interactive HR tools, training videos and has a special COVID-19 support center.  If you are our customer and are not yet using HR360, please contact us to for access.

Via our relationship with NFP, you can access and employment law hotline called Enquiron at a cost of $400/year.  You can get unlimited, state specific legal advice via phone or email with a 24 hour response time.

Topics include:

At the risk of providing you with “TMI”, we wanted to give all of the above resources in one place.  Please email or call us for help at any time.

With sincere best wishes for your health and the health of your employees and your business,

Chuck Newman