Employee Health Benefits Evolving with COVID-19

COVID-19 Forcing Employers to Evolve Health & Wellness Benefits As the COVID-19 pandemic has brought comprehensive changes to the workforce, employers are adapting their approaches to health and wellness benefits. Willis Towers Watson surveyed 816 employers, representing 12 million workers, in late April, and found that 47% are enhancing health benefits, and 45% plan to expand their wellness offerings. Many [...]

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Group Health Insurance Broker

Insurance coverage is often confusing. For a business owner, it is challenging to find a benefits strategy that is useful for your employers. Also, you need a strategy that gives you a competitive edge. However, the first step is to find a group health insurance broker with established relationships with insurance companies. What Is a Broker? A broker does not [...]

Find the Best Insurance Broker Near Me

If you or your company is looking for an "insurance broker near me," the best company has served the Peekskill, NY area for three generations. We understand the importance of your health, life, and money, so we focus on providing the best possible choices and service. At Charles Newman Co., we continually advocate for our customers, helping them navigate the many complexities of insurance [...]

Employee Benefits and COVID-19: What Are Your Options?

Recently, employee benefits experts Charles (Chuck) Newman and Ilana Arbeit of Charles Newman Co. and marketing and sales expert Dean Steinman from Presentation Multimedia sat down to talk about COVID-19. (You can listen to the podcast at the end of this article.) In a climate of chaos caused by the pandemic, it's a challenge to keep up with fast changes to employee [...]

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COVID-19 Resources and Updates

A global novel virus, the COVID-19 pandemic, could keep Americans at home for months. As a result, government, healthcare, the economy, society, and lifestyles will change in many unknown ways.  Immediately, the pandemic is creating a rise in telemedicine, as patients seek virtual consultation and remote office visits with healthcare providers. Meanwhile, other institutions and businesses are similarly adapting quickly to [...]

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Get the Most Out of Your Health Insurance

Helpful Hints for Employees Always ask your doctor if a generic medication is available (and if it would be OK for you to take). If there is no generic (or if it’s not OK), ask your doctor to not check the “Dispense As Written” (DAW) box on the electronic prescription  (perhaps you can get a lower-cost brand name under Tier [...]

Shopping For The Best Nonprofit Health Insurance

The Best in the Business Shopping for the best nonprofit health insurance provider doesn't have to be a hassle. Charles Newman Co. can take your care to the next level. We know that nonprofits have many needs and we are here to help alleviate some of the burdens that these companies face. We are always eager to show nonprofits how [...]

Medical Insurance Agent Near Me

If you are searching for a medical insurance agent near me, you are in luck. Not only are we well known locally, but we also provide services for businesses globally. When you are seeking a medical insurance agent near me in Peekskill, NY, you don't want to settle for any less than the best. Charles Newman Co. can help you [...]

Medical Insurance Near Me

Medical insurance near me has never been more accessible or more affordable. Charles Newman Co. provides group medical insurance in Westchester County, NY. When you are seeking a medical insurance broker near me, you want a company with experience and the knowledge to simplify different plans. We are here to provide a seamless consumer experience for everyone involved. By taking [...]

Health Insurance for U.S. Based Subsidiaries or Branches of Overseas Foreign Parent Companies

Learn About Small Business Health Insurance Plans: Are you seeking more information regarding health insurance for U.S. based subsidiaries or branches of overseas foreign parent companies? Small group health insurance rates are typically 3 things (none of them great);  high, unalterable and non-negotiable. However, via a relationship Charles Newman Co. has with a highly rated foreign insurer, we are often [...]