Insurance coverage is often confusing. For a business owner, it is challenging to find a benefits strategy that is useful for your employers. Also, you need a strategy that gives you a competitive edge. However, the first step is to find a group health insurance broker with established relationships with insurance companies.

What Is a Broker?

A broker does not work for just one company. Insurance brokers are independent, and they have established relationships with many different insurance companies. Because of this, they can give you a broad view of available options. They work with you to evaluate the insurance carriers in your area on plans and costs.

At Charles Newman Co., we have nearly 30 years of relationships with insurance carriers. Therefore, we can discuss with you the balance between costs and whether the network is the best fit for your needs overall.

It is not very frequently that business owners need to find a broker, but the role and skills of a booker evolve constantly. Finding a reputable broker, such as Charles Newman Co., is the first step. We are equipped to help companies of any size, and because of our versatility, we remain competitive.

Charles Newman Co. Is Your Group Health Insurance Broker

Charles Newman Co. can offer both large and small group insurance. Also, we help our large companies navigate all the factors that influence premiums and negotiate the best value for the money. Furthermore, we have a competitive edge for small groups without community-rated premiums.

We also offer ancillary benefit packages to help with vision, dental, and life insurance. Furthermore, we can help coordinate options for employees to access voluntary benefits, such as critical illness, accident, additional life insurance, and disability.

Also, many of the small companies we help appreciate they can use us to outsource payroll, human resources, and the responsibilities regarding compliance.

Contact Us for Assistance

At Charles Newman Co., we understand the needs of both business owners and employees. For more information on how a group health insurance broker can help with your coverage, contact Charles Newman Co. at our Peekskill, NY, office at (914) 345-1000. You may also reach out via email.