Are you seeking a qualified employee benefits broker in Westchester, NY?

Charles Newman Co. is a renowned employee benefits broker in Westchester, NY. Since 1992 we have served as trusted advisors to business owners, HR Directors, CFO’s, Controllers, and Office Managers, by helping them find the absolute best plans at an unbeatable value. Benefits can attract and retain quality employees, and further add worth to your offerings. By providing the framework for plans that are proven to be effective, Charles Newman Co. is here to improve your business. As well as the lives of your employees in a clear, structured method.

Health Insurance:

By skipping the sales pitch, we provide real information that matters to you and employees alike. When choosing a health plan we break down the details into simple facts. By always aiming to provide the best value for the most affordable solutions, Charles Newman Co. takes the work out of analyzing different options. Whether it comes to small group, or large group health insurance plans, we have your business covered from top to bottom. By aligning with unique needs according to different budgets, we are determined to find a method works best for all.

Dental, Vision, Life:

Also called ancillary benefits, this area of insurance shouldn’t be overlooked. While not everyone in your company may need glasses or regular dental treatments, it is a nice incentive to be able to say you include as a business. Everyone should have life insurance, and everyone should have these options afforded to them. For added peace of mind, an additional value is instilled through these benefits.

Voluntary & Professional Employer Organizations (PEO):

Even if your company doesn’t feel the need to allot for certain benefits, there are still ways employees can get access to the benefits they need. Doing so without having to pay a dime as a company. Having the ability to gain access to a structured plan helps employees. Even if the goal is to pay for benefits on their own there are positives for both businesses and employees. While setting up a PEO you can outsource different areas of your business such as payroll. Setting up a PEO according to your needs, there is room for extra savings, and this method definitely provides an easier way to provide a one-stop-shop for benefit offerings. PEOs do not cause disruption to your workplace or replace key staff members. They simply make offerings streamlined, and help keep organized.

Getting Started

If your business could benefit from, benefits, please contact Charles Newman Co. Give your employees more benefits. Or simply learn more about the services we provide. There is no better time than now to learn more. We are a trusted employee benefits broker in Westchester, NY. Call us today!