Learn About Small Business Health Insurance Plans:

Are you seeking more information regarding health insurance for U.S. based subsidiaries or branches of overseas foreign parent companies? Small group health insurance rates are typically 3 things (none of them great);  high, unalterable and non-negotiable.

However, via a relationship Charles Newman Co. has with a highly rated foreign insurer, we are often able to provide small group health insurance rates at significantly below the “community-rated” plans typically available to businesses in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, California, Tennessee, Illinois, Georgia, Ohio, and Michigan. (In NY and CA with between 2-100 employees and the other states noted, employing between 2-50 employees) This is great news if your business here in the United States is part of an overseas organization. As a branch or subsidiary of a foreign company, you can see vast improvements from a health care plan through Charles Newman Co.

These plans are quoted as large group plans and offer:

  1. Potential savings vs. community-rated options of up to 20% or more
  2. National large brand name U.S. based PPO network (with out of network benefits) vs. the primarily smaller local EPO (in-network only) options typically available with community-rated plans
  3. Flexibility in plan design vs. cookie-cutter community-rated plan designs

Learn More, Save More!

For any businesses in these U.S. states with the initials “U.S.A.” in their name (typically indicating non-U.S. operations and ownership); This is really an opportunity to check into. As a subsidiary of a foreign entity, you can definitely see great savings on great plans. Schedule a consultation with Charles Newman Co. today and see how much you can save. By working with reputable foreign insurers we are able to provide wonderful plans for great care that can make a big difference for your company. If you are located in NY, PA, NJ, CA, TN, IL, GA, OH, or MI we’d like to inform you of how we can best serve your company.

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Health insurance can be overwhelming, especially when you’re trying to run your business at the same time. Charles Newman Co. is here whether you are looking to save on insurance, or are just getting started. If you are operating with a foreign campaign, we can work with you to help your business. We have the professionals standing by to help you. Explore your options today and acquaint yourself with small business health insurance at an affordable price. Call us today at 800-508-9235.