The Best in the Business

Shopping for the best nonprofit health insurance provider doesn’t have to be a hassle. Charles Newman Co. can take your care to the next level. We know that nonprofits have many needs and we are here to help alleviate some of the burdens that these companies face. We are always eager to show nonprofits how much they could be saving by choosing our firm.

Our Passion Meets Yours

When it comes to health insurance we offer comprehensive coverage at extremely affordable rates. We fight every day to ensure that nonprofits pay the least they can for the best possible benefits and we also make sure that employees understand the full value of their benefits package by creating Total Compensation Statements for our customer groups. At Charles Newman Co. we always break down what our plans entail and explain why certain features might be best for you. We never leave our customers with questions. When you choose our brokerage you will never feel as though there is a more affordable alternative. Through better practices, we have achieved a cost-effective yet totally comprehensive strategy to make the most of any situation.

Exceptional Coverage for Nonprofits

We offer the best health insurance (and dental and life insurance) plans at the lowest rates. Period. We have often seen nonprofits getting short shrift from brokers who “mail it in.” Nonprofits who feel they are getting the “same old, same old,” from their broker should give us a call. They’ll see the difference when a broker is truly in their corner. Charles Newman and Co. has your back when shopping for the best nonprofit health insurance broker.

Learn More About Who We Are

Charles Newman Co. is a full-service independent brokerage agency for group health insurance. We provide ancillary benefits and more! Insurance can be a lot to handle by yourself. To ensure that you are getting the best coverage for your nonprofit, schedule a consultation with Charles Newman Co. to learn more about your options. We are here for you.