College Funding


Saving enough for their children’s education is a major financial concern for many parents. With the current cost of a four-year college education reaching six figures in some instances, your child’s college education may cost more than you expect. This calculator is designed to help you estimate the cost of your child’s education, based on the variables you input.


We know that many businesses HATE dealing with health insurance. Our promise is to always speak in human English and stay away from “insurance speak” while working with our customers to make their annual plan renewals as pain-free as possible.
Although for small group health insurance (1-100 in NY, 1-50 in many other states) look up states that have 1-100 health insurance premiums are community rated and “cookie cutter”, we design competitive solutions to help our customers save money while maintaining superior coverage.
Put something large group here…We negotiate on behalf of our customers, and do lots of horse trading to make sure they are getting the best value for their money. Put something about fully insured, self insured and everything in between.

Ancillary Benefits

Choosing a dental plan shouldn’t be like a trip to the dentist. We help you design a package of ancillary benefits (Dental, Vision, Life Insurance, Short and Long Term Disability insurance) which will fit into your budget and meet or exceed your employee’s expectations.

Voluntary (Employee Paid) Benefits

Want to put something about employee paid options – there are a lot and we provide them. Also about taking the stress out of the calls they are getting from Aflac reps etc


PEOs (Professional Employment Organizations) can allow you to outsource some of your payroll, HR and compliance responsibilities while providing Medical, Ancillary and Voluntary benefits to small and large companies. We work with all of the leading PEOs.